This video is part of The Passage of the Tortoise curated by Irene Carvajal. Namar Ninur Vinuravangmai was made in remembrance of voyages taken from lands known to lands unknown, and of peoples’ who survived to tell their story of a journey made in hopes of a better future. It is composed of an indecipherable language and its embodied performance with turmeric and kumkum. This work highlights language and its expression as a foundational basis of an identity as a home: beginning with learning to speak, write and to sing. Namar Ninur Vinuravangmai is a metaphor for stolen or silenced voices and their untranslatable experiences. 

by heart is part of a collaborative project titled Intangible Object curated by Jusun S. This work is a homage to oral traditions of our ancestors across cultures.  

by heart
intangible object arrived at my doorstep on Oct 31st
by this time it had been worked on by several hands and was dismantled
What remained were its bare bones, remnants of its past, and dust
everything that gives an object its own unique place was fragmented
i shoveled through its remnants
finding pieces to put together
arranging them
each in place where it belongs
what you see is a story that emerged.